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Announcing the 2020 Arctic Fox Initiative Recipients

It’s that time of year where we are pleased to be able to share with you the organizations selected for the Arctic Fox Initiative of 2020. There is no denying that it has been a more challenging year than we anticipated, which is why this year it’s more important than ever to focus on good causes that aim to preserve nature and wildlife and to inspire all people to spend more time with nature.

The Arctic Fox Initiative is an annual fund that we award to several nature-loving non-profit organizations with great ideas who need our collective support to continue to actualize their missions of appreciation and stewardship.
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(arctic fox in Swedish) is not only our namesake, since 1994 we’ve been actively involved in protecting this endangered species across the Nordic countries. For the last 100 years, the Arctic Fox has been on the brink of extinction and successful mating in the wild has been dwindling. This is due to climate change, which also affects Lemming populations, the main food source for arctic foxes. At the last turn of the century, there were only 50 arctic foxes living in the wild in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Currently, due to conservation work, this number has now risen to 200 foxes in Sweden alone. 
Every year Fjällräven co-sponsors an environmental stewardship Ph.D. position at the University of Stockholm. This enables the University to study arctic fox populations and to support in creating feeding stations ensuring a certain number of foxes recover within the university's own ‘Save the Arctic Fox’ program. 

Today, for us at Fjällräven, the arctic fox has become more than just a conservation project, it is a symbol for our efforts to protect nature and support initiatives that have the same goal. It is only fitting that since 2019 we have expanded the original aim of the Arctic Fox Initiative to become a global effort with grantee applications received yearly from all over the world. 
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2020 Arctic Fox Initiative Recipient Winners

Arctic Fox Conservation Project with WWF Finland

The 2020 Arctic Fox Initiative fund will support conservation work with the Arctic Fox Conservation Project for arctic foxes in Finland. This contribution will go towards establishing and maintaining arctic fox feeding stations in the Finnish Lapland, in addition, new volunteers will be trained to survey the population. This summer we saw a record number of births with pups being born in areas where foxes have not been seen for years. Our support is needed urgently to give these pups a fighting chance of living until Spring. 
 "As the population is increasing in neighboring areas, such as Norway and Sweden, the probability for breeding in Finland is now higher than in decades. The additional feeding stations and volunteers in part funded by the Arctic Fox Initiative will bring us even closer to that reality." Petteri Tolvanen, Head of Program Finnish Biodiversity. 

The long-term aim for ongoing population studies of the arctic fox is to eventually be able to use the learnings to help protect other endangered species. We are excited to support the Arctic Fox Conservation project and WWF Finland to work towards these goals. 
Group helping an off road wheelchair through a forest trail for adaptive recreation.

Power to Be 

Sometimes it is possible to find a perfect fit in terms of values. This perfect fit is exactly what we experienced when we found Power to Be. Power to Be is an organization, based in Canada, that helps bring inclusivity to experiencing adventure and being in nature by providing support to those with cognitive, physical, or any other kind of barrier. Through several outreach programs, a dedicated team enables young people in North America to overcome barriers to spending time in nature. 

"At a time when access to nature is more critical than ever, Power To Be’s adaptive recreation programs support the more vulnerable members of our community. These programs provide access to nature through accessible, inclusive activities including hiking, kayaking, canoeing, camping, and outdoor skills. Support for these programs helps us provide the equipment and support required to help our participants experience the physical and psychological benefits of nature." Tim Cormode, Chief Executive Officer at Power To Be.
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School Hiking Guides with German Ramblers Association 

The German Ramblers Association supports education and the promotion of outdoor activities as part of the national curriculum program for children and adolescents. With the support from the Arctic Fox Initiative they plan to train new School Hiking Guides to advocate and enact the implementation of this project in states across Germany. 
"The Arctic Fox Initiative fund will help us to reach a new level of 'school hiking guides' and greatly enlarge the circle of those who want to learn about the topics of community, nature, and sustainability." Ute Dicks, Managing Director at German Ramblers Association 
The School Hiking Guides will create an alternative learning opportunity in and with nature for many students in the coming years. The long-term goal of this program is to encourage and support students across Germany to connect with nature, and therefore learn to both respects and protect it in the future. Programs such as these can have a long-reaching impact on both social wellbeing and environmental awareness.  
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We, at Fjällräven, appreciate the work that goes into all the applications that we receive, and the huge effort made by our selected organizations to make great ideas a reality. We truly believe that together we can do more. In this spirit of togetherness, we look forward to being able to work together as a team with our 2020 recipients on their goals and missions through the Arctic Fox Initiative this year. 
Tusen tack! (Swedish for we thank you a thousand times)
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