Tree Kånken

Rooted in the past, exploring the future

Introducing our new Tree Kånken, developed to explore alternatives to plastic-based fibers made from fossil-fuels. The Tree Kånken is made from Pine Weave fabric, with 100% bio-based raw materials, sourced from cultivated and certified forests near our home in Sweden.

From Pine to Weave

Tree Kånken is made from Pine Weave fabric, using a 100% bio-based raw material that's sourced from cultivated and certified forest near our home in Sweden
1. Swedish Wood Chips

Wood is a renewable raw material that grows by naturally being fueled by sunlight and nutrition from the ground. It is high on the list of alternatives to non-renewable fossil-based raw material.

2. Pulp

The wood raw material is boiled into a pulp and dried into cellulose sheets. The sheets are then chemically dissolved in a closed system to create liquid cellullose - a sticky, viscous mixture.

3. Yarn

The dissolved cellulose mixture is then pushed through spinnerets, and lyocell fibers emerge. The lyocell fibers are then washed, dried, spun into yarn, and then woven into fabric we use to create Tree Kånken.

4. Pine Weave

Many lyocell fabrics today fall short when it comes to durability due to the nature of the fibers. In creating Pine Weave, we have modified the traditional processes to make a stronger, more durable material.

Fjällräven Designer's Vision

Watch as Global Sustainability Director Christiane Dolva and R&D Product Developer Johanna Mollberg talk about materials, and how we pick and choose them

Inspired by the past, exploring the future

Tree Kånken combines iconic design with Fjällräven's new plant-based fabric, Pine Weave.

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