Meet the Kånken Family

If you’re looking to find your very own, dependable, ready-for-anything Kånken, you’ve come to the right place. Choose with care and take your time - not only will your Kånken last for years and years and years, there are also many colours, sizes, versions and materials to choose from. Let the search begin, and welcome to the Kånken family!

Kånken Art ‘22

by Tekla is here


Kånken Me

My Kånken my way

Kånken Me Mini

Start designing

Say hello to Tree-Kånken

#kanken We love to see Kånken out and about on Instagram. So if you want to help us out, tag your post #Kanken and add @kankenofficial for the chance to be featured on our official channels. Get ready for anywhere!

Kånken and the Fjällräven history

The story behind a Fjällräven staple

Ever since it was introduced in 1978, Kånken has defined the idea of Fjällräven. Check out our Timeline to explore our whole history.
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Closeup of vinylon material

Care & Repair

Taking care of your Kånken

Check out our care and repair tips to ensure that your Kånken will be your trusted backpack for many years.
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