Brattland Wool Locally sourced, secure traceability
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More than 3 years ago, Fjällräven and Brattlandgården started a research project in order to bring wool production back to Sweden and in order to educate ourselves about sustainable wool production. And last year we launched the Brattland Sweater No.1 - a knitted sweater made from 100% traceable Swedish wool from the Brattlandsgården farm in Jämtland, Sweden. A traceability project to ensure ethical and sustainable production - on nature's terms. 

We’ve been pretty quiet on the Swedish wool front during the summer. This isn’t because nothing’s happening. The opposite in fact; lambs are being born, sheep are being sheared, products are being planned, knitted and packaged. But we didn’t have anything to show you – until now.

Woman in brush wearing white knit sweater and beanie
For this winter, we’re launching a beanie in addition to the sweater. The same basic ideas apply: the wool is Swedish; it’s un-dyed and we know exactly where it comes from. The only major difference is in the price. We wanted to make our Swedish wool products more accessible, and we feel a simple but high-quality knitted hat is a good entry point.
Woman wearing knit hat in light snowfall

Brattland Hat No.1

The Brattlands project was about securing traceability in our wool chain. And as far as our Swedish wool is concerned, we’ve achieved this. Now we’re looking outwards, to our global supply chain. But more on that later. For now, just enjoy the new Brattland Hat No. 1!
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