Arctic Fox Initiative

Welcome to the Arctic Fox Initiative

There are many bright ideas out there and many exciting projects that have the potential to make a difference for the environment. But they need our commitment and collective effort to be realised. We can each do a lot, but together we can do more.

The Arctic Fox Initiative is a collaboration between Fjällräven and you. Started in 2019, each year we choose several recipients of grants that are funded through the purchasing of select Fjällräven products. When choosing the recipients of the fund we look for great ideas that need our collective support to be realised. Only non-profit organisations may be awarded, and they must have the aim to protect our environment or inspire people to spend more time in nature.

Why the Arctic Fox?

Fjällräven means ‘arctic fox’ in Swedish. So it’s no surprise that the endangered species holds a special place in our hearts. The arctic fox has become more than just a conservation project to us, it is a symbol for our efforts to protect nature and support initiatives that have the same goal. It is only fitting that we have expanded the original aim of Arctic Fox Initiative to become a global effort, with applications received yearly from all over the world.

Meet the Arctic Fox Initiative 2020 Recipients

Arctic Fox Conservation project
with WWF Finland

The fund will support both establishing new and maintaining Arctic fox feeding station in the Finnish Lapland and training for volunteers to survey the population. Numbers have risen from only 30 foxes in the wild to over 200 since 1980, in part due to WWF Finland’s successful feeding program. This summer saw a record number of births, with pups being born in areas where foxes have not been seen for years. But support is needed urgently to give these pups a fighting chance of living until Spring.

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School Hiking Guides with German Ramblers Association

The German Ramblers Association supports education and the promotion of outdoor activities as part of the national curriculum programme for children and adolescents. With support from the Arctic Fox Initiative they plan to train new School Hiking Guides to advocate and enact the implementation of this project in states across Germany. The School Hiking Guides will create an alternative learning opportunity in and with nature for many students in the coming years.

Photographer: Kuhr


Power to Be.

Sometimes it is possible to find a perfect fit in terms of values. When we found Power to Be we feel that we managed that. Power to Be is an organisation that helps bring inclusivity to experiencing adventure and being in nature by providing support to those with cognitive, physical or any other kind of barrier. Through several outreach programs a dedicated team enables young people to overcome barriers to spending time in nature.


To find out more about our 2020 recipients check out Foxtrail

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Arctic Fox Initiative 2019 Recipients

2 minute beach clean

The Beach Clean Network Ltd is a UK based non-profit organization, set up to encourage beach cleaning. The idea behind the #2minbeachclean project is simple but effective: you pick up litter for 2 minutes each time you go to the beach (or anywhere) and put it in a designated litter station. It works because everyone can spare two minutes of their time. But together 2 minutes can add up to a huge collective difference.

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Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace for Outdoor Ethics aims to educate people on how to enjoy the outdoors while leaving less of an impact. The Leave No Trace Centre is headquartered in the ‘outdoor’ state of Colorado and on the doorstep of some of the most beautiful wildlife that the USA has to offer. They work with 7 easy-to-follow principles to further their goal through education and trainings to help everyone enjoy the outdoors responsibly.

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Hej främling!

Hej främling! is a Swedish non-governmental organisation offering health boosting activities free of charge and open for everyone. The organisation was founded in 2013 and has provided outdoor activity support and classes to thousands of refugees and locals in an innovative integration program.

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Kånken Art Special Editions

The Arctic Fox Initiative is funded by sales of selected products. We want to make sure the choices you make go directly towards causes that benefit the environment. For this season we teamed up with Moa Hoff, a Swedish artist who has taken a handmade, illustrative and imagi-native approach to her Kånken Art design. One percent of the sales from Kånken Art goes directly to the Arctic Fox Initiative Fund which was the equivalent to a combined €350 000 in 2019 and 2020.

If you want to get involved and support the Arctic Fox Initiative with Kånken Art, check out Moa Hoff’s design here.

For us the Arctic Fox has become a symbol for doing our bit to protect nature. We realised that we can each do a lot, but together we can do more.

Head of sustainability at Fjällräven

In Scandinavia, arctic foxes are threatened by climate change and has been on the brink of extinction for the last 100 years. The first project that inspired the Arctic Fox Initiative, and something that we are continuously supporting, is the Save the Arctic Fox Project with Stockholm University. Results have been promising, but there is a long way to go, and we are ready for the journey ahead. We hope that you will join us.