If you are often on your knees, these knee protectors are a must. For use with trousers th...

19,95 €
  • (3)

Keb Fleece Neck Gaiter

Comfortable neck gaiter that can also be worn as a headband. Made from a wool/polyester bl...

29,95 €
  • (2)

Keb Fleece Balaclava

Light and comfortable balaclava in warm wool/polyester blend. Can be worn under a helmet, ...

49,95 €
  • (1)

Lappland Fleece Scarf

Comfortable, soft and warm scarf in fleece made from recycled polyester. Light and conveni...

34,95 €
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Singi Gaiters

Robust gaiters that warm the lower legs and keep snow out of boots. High model that has a ...

79,95 €
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Bergtagen Neck Gaiter

You won’t have to spend much time above the treeline to appreciate the extra warmth this n...

34,95 €
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Trekking Gaiters

Gaiters that prevent snow and moisture from forcing their way under and up the trouser leg...

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