Barents Pro Winter Trousers M

Durable, warm outdoor trousers for winter use in G-1000® Original with brushed mesh lining...

229,95 €

Brenner Pro Winter Trousers M

Warm, water-resistant hunting trousers made from G-1000 Silent Eco with Hydratic. Pre-shap...

279,95 €

Polar Bib Trousers M

Warm padded winter trousers for long trips in extreme cold. Made from G-1000 and G-1000 He...

429,95 €

Värmland Wool Trousers M

Durable, weather-resistant hunting trousers in recycled wool and G-1000 Silent Eco.

279,95 €

Expedition Down Knickers

Lightweight, packable down shorts for ski touring and everyday outdoor life.

249,95 €

S/F Thermo Shorts

Packable, lightweight insulated unisex shorts, For long bike rides supporting the S/F Ther...

179,95 €

Sörmland Tapered Winter Trousers M Long

Comfortable and warm hunting trousers in G-1000 Silent Eco with a brushed mesh lining. Reg...

199,95 €

Keb Touring Padded Trousers M

Light, packable insulation trousers with synthetic padding.

299,95 €

Bergtagen Mummyfoot

Warm, weather-resistant mountain belay bag with synthetic padding.

269,95 €

Down Trousers No. 1 M

Flexible trekking trousers in G-1000 Eco and G-1000 HeavyDuty with removable down shorts. ...

499,95 €