Värmland Wool Jacket M

Värmland Wool Jacket is a warm, protective and quiet hunting jacket made in a fantastic fa...

449,95 €
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Värmland Vest

Keep ahead of your game with this light, versatile hunting vest in safety orange. The camo...

74,95 €
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Anorak No. 8 M

Anorak No. 8 was created to withstand tough conditions in the forest and mountains through...

479,95 €
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Forest Hybrid Jacket M

Forest Hybrid Jacket is designed for active hunting when you want to be both mobile and we...

269,95 €
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Sörmland Padded Jacket M

Windproof and waterproof jacket in hardwearing, rustle-free G-1000 Silent Eco with Hydrati...

389,95 €
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Drev Jacket M

Comfortable jacket for active hunting. Made from wind and water resistant G-1000 Silent an...

359,95 €
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Lappland Hybrid Jacket M

Lightweight, hardwearing jacket for the discerning hunter who is looking for highly functi...

329,95 €
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Grimsey Vest M

A vest that keeps you warm when you need it most without hindering your movements. Grimsey...

149,95 €
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Lappland Eco-Shell Poncho

The poncho is an undervalued rain garment with excellent ventilation that is also very eas...

379,95 €
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Brenner Pro Padded Jacket M

Warm, padded, robust jacket for winter hunting in cold conditions. Made from quiet, soft G...

449,95 €
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Smock No. 1 M

Durable outdoor jacket with many generous pockets that easily have room for the contents o...

729,95 €
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Jacket No. 68 M

Durable outdoor jacket with well thought-out functions for demanding treks all four season...

499,95 €
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Brenner Pro Jacket M

Robust jacket for both sedantary and active hunting, made from G-1000 Silent with wind and...

389,95 €
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Lappland Hybrid Vest M

Well-equipped, durable vest for active hunters, designed so you can move quickly and easil...

229,95 €
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