S/F Rider's Hybrid Trousers M Reg

Versatile, comfortable trousers in G-1000 Lite Stretch. Optimized for bike riding. Produce...

179,95 €

S/F Räven Anorak M

Multi-functional anorak jacket in G-1000 Lite Stretch. Perfect for both bike and hike adve...

299,95 €

S/F Rider's Wind Jacket M

Light and packable wind jacket with functional pockets. Optimized for bike riding.

199,95 €

S/F Adventure Vest M

Light, packable vest with reinforced, wind-resistant upper torso. Optimized for bike ridin...

149,95 €

S/F Cotton Pocket T-shirt M

Comfortable men's t-shirt in 100% organic cotton with a large, reflective print on the bac...

64,95 €

S/F Rider's Flannel Shirt LS M

Light and functional flannel shirt with integrated reflective yarn. Optimized for bike rid...

159,95 €

S/F Sun Field Suit M

Light and airy men's Sun Field Suit. Optimized for warm-weather adventures, both on and of...

239,95 €

S/F Cotton CaliSwe LS M

Men's long-sleeved t-shirt in 100% organic cotton with a zippered pocket in the side seam....

89,95 €

S/F Gear Vest M

Light, versatile men’s gear vest with reinforced, windproof front. Optimized for biking in...

199,95 €

S/F Hat

Soft and packable hat in G-1000 Lite Stretch. Produced without PFCs, made for a lifetime o...

59,95 €

S/F Mechanic's Apron

Unisex apron that doubles as a tool roll with several practical pockets of different sizes...

149,95 €

S/F Cotton Striped T-shirt M

Comfortable men's t-shirt in 100% organic cotton. Produced without PFCs, made for a lifeti...

69,95 €

S/F Prevail Helmet

Comfortable all-around bike helmet, perfect for tough stages in hot conditions. Produced w...

299,95 €

S/F Sleep Poncho Reg

A lightweight and versatile sleeping quilt that doubles as an insulating poncho. Produced ...

249,95 €

S/F Scarf

Soft and versatile scarf in 100% organic cotton. Produced without PFCs, made for a lifetim...

34,95 €

S/F Thermo Shorts

Packable, lightweight insulated unisex shorts, For long bike rides supporting the S/F Ther...

179,95 €

S/F Thermo Anorak

Packable, lightweight insulated unisex anorak. Optimized for reinforcement on long bike ri...

219,95 €

S/F Field Suit M

Versatile one-piece garment combining performance and comfort. Optimized for bike riding.

239,95 €