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    • Re-Wool
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Kånken Re-Wool

Classic Kånken in Melton fabric made from recycled wool.

169,95 €

Kånken Re-Wool Laptop 15"

Special version of Kånken Laptop in recycled wool.

189,95 €

Kånken Re-Wool Sling

Classic Kånken down scaled to a shoulder bag. Made from recycled wool.

129,95 €

Värmland Wool Side Pocket

Extra side pocket that fits Värmland Rucksack and Singi backpack range.

39,95 €

Värmland Rucksack

Silent, hardwearing hunting backpack for all-round use in the forest.

229,95 €

Värmland 5 Bullet Case

Practical bullet case in robust wool with lining in G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco S.

39,95 €

Värmland 20 Bullet Pouch

Practical bullet pouch in wool and G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco.

49,95 €