Presenting a unique collection of functional clothing and equipment developed by Fjällräven and Specialized, combining Swedish hiking functionality with Californian biking expertise. For discovering new trails and new perspectives, where the air is fresh, the traffic is gone and the mind is clear.


the second round of products are here!

Introducing the Thermo Anorak, the Handle Bar Bag, the Saddle to Table Dress and much more - products designed with the utmost attention to hiking/biking functionality for all who seek to go further into the Great Nearby - and set high demands on reliability, durability and comfort.

“We realized that our values around nature
and health were the same...”

HENRIK ANDERSSON - Global Creative Director at Fjällräven

“...and that as brands, we could help more people
discover nature if we worked together..”

ERIK NOHLIN - Design Leader/Equipment at Specialized

In 2050, it is estimated that two-thirds of Earth’s population will be living in towns and cities. At the same time, priorities are shifting towards good mental and physical health – and the health of our planet. The Fjällräven/Specialized exchange hopes to inspire more people to reconnect with nature and cultivate a longterm relationship with it.

Products already released

Our first release of products featured unique Fjällräven/Specialized packs and functional apparel combining biking expertise with hiking functionality with timeless design and long lasting durability, using materials such as G-1000, Vinylon F, Merino wool, recycled polyester and organic cotton.