Privat Natur

A project by Fjällräven Friend, Jens Assur.

We're proud to partner with Fjällräven Friend Jens Assur in his latest project, Privat Natur (Swedish for ‘Private Nature’), a book and forthcoming exhibition that explores the relationship between humans and nature. Jens is one of Sweden's most prominent photographers and filmmakers. 
In Privat Natur, he and his family are at the centre of a seven-year journey that explores what happens to us when we’re in nature and what traces we leave behind.
 Not only does it inspire, educate and celebrate everything that outdoor life has to offer, but through a series of essays by prominent researchers and writers, also opens up important discussions on topics such as privatisation, right of public access, and how we can best protect nature for generations to come.

“In nature, we can meet ourselves and understand what it means to be human. That’s what I want to convey in Privat Natur.”

Explore the book

Privat Natur contains some 220 images, taken during Jens' seven-year journey. It includes a series of essays that explore contemporary issues of what nature means to us today, and a smaller booklet, ‘Field Notes’ which can be used as inspiration for an active life in nature..

In his own words

Get a closer look at Privat Natur and how it developed into the project it is today in our interview with Jens.

Meet the Artist

Jens will be visiting selected Fjällräven and partner stores to discuss his experiences as a devoted skier, hiker and bike packer, and his life behind the lens during the Privat Natur project. Find upcoming event dates and locations here, and join us!

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Explore a selection of our favourite images from the Privat Natur 
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