Arctic Fox Initiative

Together we can do more

There are many bright ideas and exciting projects with the potential to make a difference for the environment, but they need commitment and collective effort to be realised. We can each do a lot, but together we can do more.

In 2019, we founded the Arctic Fox Initiative; a collaboration between Fjällräven and you. Funded through the purchase of select Fjällräven products, the Arctic Fox Initiative awards several non-profit organisations with grants each year. The organisations chosen must have the goal of protecting our environment or inspiring people to spend time in nature.

Why the Arctic Fox?

“For us, the arctic fox has become the symbol for doing our bit to protect nature. We realised that we can do a lot, but together we can do more.”

Christiane Dolva, Fjällräven Sustainability Consultant

Fjällräven means “arctic fox” in Swedish, so it is no surprise that the endangered species inspires us. In Scandinavia, arctic foxes have been on the brink of extinction for a century, and face increasing challenges today due to climate change.

As such, the arctic fox has become more than a conservation effort for Fjällräven. It is a symbol of our expanding efforts to protect nature, and to support initiatives that have the same goal. The first project that inspired the Arctic Fox Initiative is the Save the Arctic Fox Project with Stockholm University, and we continue to support it today. Learn more about the latest status.


To find out more about our earlier recipients check out Foxtrail

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Past Arctic Fox Recipients

The Leave Not Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics is an American non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting the outdoors by teaching people to enjoy it responsibly. Leave No Trace provides cutting-edge research, education, and initiatives to motivate more people to act respectfully in nature.

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The 2 Minute Foundation

The 2 Minute Foundation is a UK-based charity devoted to cleaning up the planet two minutes at a time. They believe that simple, achievable acts can add up to make a great difference. The organisation is responsible for the initiatives #2minutebeachclean, #2minutelitterpick, and #2minutestreetclean.

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WWF Finland

Since 1980, the number of arctic foxes in the Finnish Lapland have increased from 30 to over 200. This is due in part to the WWF Finland’s successful feeding program. The summer of 2020 saw a record number of births, with pups being born in areas where arctic foxes have not been seen for years, but more support is needed to give them a fighting chance of living through spring 2021. With the Arctic Fox Initiative, the WWF Finland will maintain, and establish the new, feeding stations needed to make this possible.

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School Hiking Guides with German Ramblers Association

The German Ramblers Association supports the education and promotion of outdoor activities as part of the national curriculum programme for children and adolescents. With support from the Arctic Fox Initiative, they are training School Hiking Guides to advocate and implement this project across Germany, creating an alternative learning opportunity in nature for students.

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Power to be

Power To Be believes everyone belongs in nature. A non-profit organisation based in British Columbia, Canada, they work hard to remove cognitive, physical, social and financial barriers to the outdoors. Through a range of adaptive recreation programs, they offer personalised support to youth, families and adults. Funds from the Arctic Fox Initiative are helping Power To Be provide the equipment and support needed for people to experience the physical and psychological benefits of nature.
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