Expedition Lätt Hoodie M

Expedition Lätt Hoodie is a lightweight, pliant reinforcement jacket perfect for a range o...


Skogsö Jacket M

Hip-length outdoors jacket that is slightly longer in the back and has a fixed, adjustable...


Anorak No. 8 M

Anorak No. 8 was created to withstand tough conditions in the forest and mountains through...


Expedition Pack Down Jacket M

Expedition Pack Down Jacket is a lightweight, packable down jacket for winter activities. ...


Expedition Pack Down Hoodie M

Expedition Pack Down Hoodie is a lightweight, flexible hooded down jacket for winter activ...


Vidda Pro Wool Padded Jacket M

Vidda Pro Wool Padded Jacket is a durable, warm jacket with robust features, perfect for t...


Vidda Pro Jacket M

Vidda Pro Jacket has been designed in the same spirit as Vidda/Barents Pro trousers, and w...


Keb Padded Hoodie M

Lightweight and pliant reinforcement jacket with a fixed hood – the perfect insulation gar...


Keb Eco-Shell Jacket M

Pliant, technical jacket for demanding adventures in changeable weather conditions all yea...


Abisko Padded Vest M

Lightweight, packable vest that gives great extra warmth on chilly summer evenings or when...


Singi Wool Padded Parka M

Nature knows best and natural fibres are the major provider of warmth in Singi Wool Padded...


Kaipak Jacket M

Kaipak Jacket is designed to work just as well on the trail as for everyday use. Fjällräve...


Keb Touring Down Jacket M

Light and compressible down jacket for chilly winter outings, perfect as a convenient rein...


Keb Jacket M

A long-time favourite on rocks, snow and all kinds of terrain, the award-winning Keb Jacke...


Keb Touring Jacket M

Winter’s best days are spent in unmarked terrain and Keb Touring Jacket gives you unlimite...


Jacket No. 68 M

Durable outdoor jacket with well thought-out functions for demanding treks all four season...


Keb Wool Padded Jacket M

Lightweight, pliant reinforcement jacket padded with Swedish wool and PLA (a bio-based pla...


Bergtagen Jacket M

Technical outdoor jacket with an articulated fit and reliable features. Light, strong mate...