Nature is Waiting

During these times of uncertainty, we are sharing ways for you and our community to stay connected to nature anytime and anywhere to prepare, comfort and inspire. ​Nature is waiting for each of us, here's how:

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Inspire and Comfort

Stories and tools to inspire and comfort by connecting you to nature while being inside.

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Spotify Playlist

At Fjällräven, we love nature. To us, nature isn't just neccessary, it's everything. This playlist is designed to inspire you and remind you that Nature Is Waiting, whether you're inside or outside. #natureiswaiting
Sarah Glenn
Meet Our Guides: Sarah Glenn

When I think about removing barriers, I think about connection and collaboration. For almost 15 years, I have supported people living with various challenges, disabilities and barriers to access the outdoors through nature based activities and multi day expeditions.

Meet our Fjällräven Guides: Abie Vasquez

As a city dweller all my life, nature holds a deep and unique importance to me. Growing up on the streets of Chicago there was a lack in the traditional sense of nature - with an absence of trees and grass and very few wild animals to be seen. I longed to experience the wide open spaces of the great outdoors.

North American Fjällräven Classic Trekker: Siobhan Phillips

Fjällräven’s Wholesale Marketing Specialist, Siobhan Phillips, is no stranger to experiencing nature. With miles under her boots, hours on the trail and wisdom from differing landscapes, Siobhan has been enjoying nature’s beauty her entire life.

Meet Our Guides: Nicole Snell

As a Fjällräven guide Nicole combines her love of hiking in nature and solo travel with her passion for self-defense education. Nicole’s goal is to empower people to get outside with simple safety strategies anyone can use, anywhere.

Meet Our Guides: Alyse Van Ramele

As a Fjällräven guide Alyse leads plant walks teaching identification and proper harvesting. She hosts pop-up parties both virtually and safely in person to help educate her community on local species and their properties.

Riding South

Fjällräven Guide Eylene Pirez is a world-traveling photographer and published physicist. And at her core, she is a nature lover and adventure seeker. Even with her years of experience preparing for and leading her global expeditions, there was no amount of groundwork that could have prepared her for...

The Story of Our Logo

The Fjällräven logo, as you know it today, wasn’t in place in 1960 when founder, Åke Nordin, started selling his first backpacks. At that point the ‘logo’ was more of an illustration: a drawing of a fox running down a hill. During one of Åke’s regular visits to Friluftsmagasinet ...

All The Feels by Ally Coucke

The entrance gate to the trail is surrounded by tropical vegetation, a giant A-frame sign wishing you a great climb, and if I am being honest, I had not felt that scared in a long time. Somehow everything I needed to get to the top of Kilimanjaro was on my back or in my body. All the gear seemed...

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Exploring the Summits and Peaks of Your Mind by Ian Finch

Like many, I seek wild places for nature induced connection and creativity, to test myself and to release the pressure on the modern mind. Nature has always been a place to get away from the rhythm and rush of contemporary life and the never-ending...

Man walking across bridge in nature
Fjällräven Guide Erik McRitchie shares his story of Larch Madness

Every autumn, high in the Canadian Rockies, people go a little bit crazy chasing beautiful autumn colors. Although most of the trees at higher elevations don't ever change color or drop their leaves, the larches are one exception! Larch trees...

Meet our Guides: Chad Otterstrom

Growing up near the lakes and forests of Minnesota I discovered the beauty of nature in the early years of my life. As a snowboarder in my youth, I spent all my unstructured time experiencing the elements of the outdoors hiking up and down the local hills of my midwestern community...

Staying Connected: A Cross Generational Love of Land Protectors

At Fjällräven we love to celebrate with our friends. All of us have unique backgrounds and experiences that can be cherished by sharing our passion with others through education and the exchange of storytelling. The following interview showcases a prolific three-generational tribal leader matriarch originally from Eagle Village, Alaska on the Yukon River.
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Arctic fox running across snow.

2020 Arctic Fox Initiative Recipients

It’s that time of year where we are pleased to be able to share with you the organizations selected for the Arctic Fox Initiative of 2020. There is no denying that it has been a more challenging year than we anticipated, which is why this year it’s more important than ever to focus on good causes that aim to preserve nature and wildlife and to inspire all people to spend more time with nature.
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Never Feel Cold Again

In the early 1970s during an expedition, Åke Nordin, Fjällräven’s founder, dug a bivouac pit in the snow on the barren mountain plateau of Abisko in Sweden’s far north, enduring an unbearably cold and windy night. The freezing bitter cold was Åke’s least favorite aspect of outdoor life.
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Walk with Nature Speaker Series With The Explorers Club and Fjallraven

Together, The Explorers Club and Fjällräven share a common goal of understanding the world we live in by supporting and promoting a sustainable future through the love of nature, adventurous exploration and scientific research.
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Our story: We are the Arctic Fox

Fjällräven began with a young nature enthusiast named Åke. In the 1950s from his home in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, a young Åke was busy innovating his own gear and making plans spending every spare moment in the forest. He often set off on week-long hikes into the heart of the northern wilderness with his self-made backpack on his back. Sometimes with friends and sometimes solo, he would wander off.
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Wild in Nature with Chris Morgan

At this time, we at Fjällräven feel it’s essential to stay safely connected to nature. As we all find ourselves longing for the sounds of the outdoors, we introduce you to our friend of Fjällräven, Chris Morgan. Chris’s gift in story-telling about nature is sure to comfort and inspire all of us. Take a listen to Chris and re-connect with the wild inside of you.
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A conversation with photographer Louise Whitehouse

Fleeting Moments: A Conversation with photographer, Louise Whitehouse

Our connection and love for being in nature relies heavily on the use of photography. For that reason, choosing images that capture natural experiences is the essence to our welcoming and inviting Fjällräven culture.
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Kånken as Art

Kånken as Art

From personalizing with pins, paints, patches and embroidery to sharing sketches on social media, we’ve been positively overwhelmed by the community this backpack has created. 
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Links to the Outdoors

Are you missing Nature's sights and sounds? Check out these links to reconnect with the outdoors.
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More Stories

Meet Åke - It all started with a young nature lover named Åke

The Importance of Leaving No Trace - Leave No Trace education and training
is more important today than ever

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Prepare and Plan

Guides to prepare and plan your next trail and adventure in nature.

History of Classic

The Fjällräven Classic started as a small gathering of trekkers seeking a way to immerse themselves in nature and has grown over time, emerging as premier trekking events now held all over the globe. These treks not only offer an escape to thousands of participants each year, but are often times once-in-a-lifetime moments to experience nature with community that is truly the Fjällräven way. Take a look at the history behind our ever-expanding marquee events.
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How To Pack For A 3 Day Trek

Carl Hård af Segerstad, our Global Event Manager, is a nature-lover to the core. He spends his time inspiring our community to walk with nature, often you can find him at the head of one of our Classic events, or planning future outdoor adventures for our Fjällräven family. We couldn't think of anyone better to guide us on how-to pack for a typical two night, three day trek
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Nourished By Nature

How to Cook Cast-Iron Summer Wild Pizza with Boulder Fjällräven Guide Lentine Alexis

Let’s face it - we all spend time with nature for many reasons. Nature grounds us, comforts us, inspires and challenges us. It makes us happier, healthier, and more respectful of our environment. Nature also fuels us through flavor. To enjoy the tastes of summer we are sharing Boulder Fjällräven Guide Lentine Alexis’s Cast-Iron Wild Vegetable Pizza.
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Christiane Dolva Törnberg

Defining Sustainability

For us, nature is everything. We also recognize that nature is not a competition and that we must do everything possible to keep nature in business forever. At Fjällräven sustainability isn’t treated as a separate project, it is at the core of everything we do. Our striving goal is to be as innovative as possible with design, quality and function, while being at the forefront...
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Hands taking a photo of woods on smartphone

Our Favorite Nature Apps

We asked some of our Team Members and Fjällräven Guides about their favorite apps used in the outdoors. This is what they had to say...
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woman holding water bottle standing in front of lake


Fjällräven Guides are more than just nature enthusiasts. They are story tellers and teachers across many activities and subjects. We asked Toronto Guide Diana Lee a few questions about her experiences with spending extended periods of time out in nature to help you plan and prepare for your next outdoor adventure. Here is what she shared with us.
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More Stories

Our Favorite Reads - We've curated this list of some favorite books to read while we can’t get outside

Legendary Greenland Jacket - Timeless, durable and functional. The Greenland Jacket set the standard for how we develop our jackets today

Nature of Fika - We at Fjällräven embrace our Swedish culture of fika, the tradition of an invitation to take part in a ritual cup of coffee paired with a sweet treat

We're in this together.

Supporting local businesses helps out more than you know during these times. We wanted to recognize and share some of our partners who are still open and serving their communities through delivery or curbside pickup. With well over 100 years of experience between them, take a minute to check out their websites or give them a shout on Instagram. Support when you can, how you can.
Sports basement logo
Sports Basement

Ten percent of Sports Basement’s earnings are redistributed into the community through their Basementeers program, where they partner with thousands of local schools and non-profits. Through this program the community has given over 10 million dollars.

River Sports Outfitters logo
River Sports Outfitters

River Sports Outfitters Is Your Source For Outdoor Gear, Boats, Bikes, Clothing & Footwear In Knoxville, TN. Since 1983. Stop in. Gear up. Go play.

monod sports logo
Monod Sports

Monod Sports has been an authorized retailer of quality mountain lifestyle products for over 65 years since 1949! Born in the mountains, every day at least one of their employees literally steps out the back door to test and use the products they sell. Check out their website and Instagram for a great selection of Fjallraven products!

evo logo

EVO is a gathering place for the community with a cause. Check out their #givingtuesdaynow initiative to see how you can help support outdoor youth programs!

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