Fjällräven is committed to maintaining our tradition of delivering practical, yet superior products that are designed for a lifetime of wear.  Fjällräven provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty to original purchasers of Fjällräven products who have a receipt of proof of purchase from an authorized seller. 

Fjällräven’s Limited Lifetime Warranty extends only to products purchased from authorized sellers that are subject to and comply with Fjällräven’s quality controls. Because Fjällräven is unable to oversee or control the quality of its products sold by unauthorized sellers, Fjällräven’s Limited Lifetime Warranty is not valid on products purchased from unauthorized sellers or on products that were purchased used.

Please be aware if the seller is not listed in this list of authorized sellers (click ‘verify reseller’ to access) there is a strong possibility they are an unauthorized seller and the product they are selling may not be authentic and will not be covered by this Limited Lifetime Warranty. We encourage you to shop through www.Fjällräven.com.

At this time, repair and replacement of a Fjällräven product is up to the discretion of our warranty team.

To find out if your item qualifies for a repair or replacement please click here to contact customer service. Please be sure to include the following in your request:

  1. Clear photos of the full item as well as the problem area (in .JPEG format)
  2. A proof of purchase (copy of your receipt or photo of your order confirmation)
  3. Your current shipping address

We will contact you with our evaluation and any additional steps.

If your request qualifies for a repair or replacement, our current turnaround time is approximately 4 – 5 weeks. In order to adhere to government regulations all items are required to be cleaned prior to being mailed in or dropped off at a brand center for repair. Unwashed items will be returned to you to wash before we perform any repair .

Please be aware that we do not perform non-warranty related repairs or alterations. Alterations and repairs performed at a location other than our Fjällräven Tailor Shop will void your warranty as we cannot control the quality of that alteration or repair.


The following variables are considered accidental damage control also known as normal wear and tear and are not covered under the Fjällräven Limited Lifetime Warranty:

-Stains, fading, discoloration

-Improper care due to waxing, and/or excessive sun exposure

-Melted zippers, fabric

-Rips, tears and/or cuts

-Fabric abrasion and/or fabric pilling


-Faux Fur Trim (we do not offer replacements or sell this as a standalone product)

To start a warranty claim for an item that was purchased through Fjallraven.com with a valid order number click here.

To start a warranty claim for an item that was purchased through an authorized third-party vendor, a Fjällräven retail store, or to discuss the policy, click here to contact customer service.