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Hello, fellow Kånken designer! 

In just a few moments you'll be designing your own Kånken, deciding which colors go where, creating a completely unique and personal look to carry around with you for years to come. Be bold, be daring, be you.

Kånken me mini is here

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Find Your Inspiration

What do you want your Kånken Me to say about you? Will it reflect your colorful personality or match your favorite jacket or be based on a childhood memory? Creativity is personal and what your color choices are based on, will be as unique as you are.


Experiment and have fun. Color coordinate to perfection or go crazy. Co-create your Kånken Me with a friend by sharing the link and taking turns. Take your time because the possibilities are endless!

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Show the world

This one is optional, but hey, if you've worked hard and are proud of the results, why not tell everyone about it? Tag your masterpiece with #KankenMe so that people will be able to find it. And if you’re feeling extra brave, add @fjallravenofficial for the chance to be featured in our official channels.

My kånken my way
Set free your creativity, express your personality and discover your talents as a designer.