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Trousers & shorts

Trousers & shorts

Of all the clothing that fills an outdoor wear wardrobe, it is usually the outdoor trousers that have the most stories to tell. Ripped knees and worn and shiny buttons bear witness to extended adventures along hiking routes in the mountains and forests.

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  1. Arktis Trousers

    Arktis Trousers

    Warm, durable winter trousers in G-1000 with G-1000 HD reinforcements. Full-length mesh li...
  2. Polar Bib Trousers

    Polar Bib Trousers

    Warm padded winter trousers for long trips in extreme cold. Made from G-1000 and G-1000 He...
  3. Singi Bib Trousers

    Singi Bib Trousers

    Durable, functional trousers with braces and a high waist made from G-1000 and G-1000 HD. ...