kånken Art 2024

Designed by Coast Salish artist Charlene Johnny


presenting charlene johnny

This year, Coast Salish artist Charlene Johnny and Fjällräven have come together to create a one-of-a-kind Kånken that explores and expresses Charlene’s ancestral artwork.  “Kånken means to carry. We carry teachings, we carry knowledge, we carry language. I think it is important for indigenous people to carry forward what our ancestors have gifted us. All of my inspiration for Coast Salish art comes from our ancestors and the gifts they have given us.” 

kånken art products

Selected products in collaboration with Charlene Johnny to showcase her art. Charlene drew inspiration for the pattern from a piece she did in 2013 of an old wooden spindle whorl. Charlene’s ancestors have been weaving and knitting for generations. The grey version is a nod to the color of wool often seen in knitted sweaters.

Together we can do more

This year, Fjallraven is donating $70,000 CAD to an organization of Charlene's choice, Stqeeye' Learning Society which is an Indigenous-led nonprofit that works on the restoration and preservation of lands and waters within Xwaaqw’um (Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park).

Get inspired by more of Charlene’s work

Do not miss charlenejohnny.com if you want to see Charlene’s amazing artwork expressed through fine art prints, jewellery, home decoration, cards, stickers and more. “When you are looking at Coast Salish art, a lot of the motifs come from nature. Everything is a gift from nature,” said Charlene Johnny. “It’s kind of like sacred geometry. This is the fundamentals of Coast Salish art.”  

Meet the Kånken family