Abisko Wool SS M

Light t-shirt in a merino wool blend for both warm and cold climates. Produced without PFC...


Abisko Trekking Shirt SS M

Lightweight, packable trekking shirt in highly ventilated stretch fabric.


Abisko Day Hike Tank Top W

Functional tank top with good shoulder coverage for hiking and travelling in warm climates...


Abisko Wool Tank Top W

Light merino blend tank top for trekking and all kinds of outdoor activities. Produced wit...


Abisko Hike Skort W

A lightweight and breezy skort perfect for warm weather adventures.


Abisko 6" Shorts Tights W

Well-fitting, short tights perfect for day hikes and everyday outdoor life. Produced witho...


Abisko Trail Stretch Shorts M

Lightweight, hardwearing shorts in stretch fabric for comfort and freedom of movement. Pro...


Abisko Midsummer Shorts W

Light, well-ventilated, packable shorts, perfect for hiking in warm climates.


Abisko Midsummer Shorts M

Light, well-ventilated, packable shorts, perfect for hiking in warm climates. Produced wit...


Abisko Shorts M

Technical trekking shorts in stretch material and G-1000. Optimal cut and reinforcements m...


Abisko Hike Shorts M

Light, packable shorts for hiking in warm climates. Produced without PFCs, made for a life...


Abisko Short Tights W

Short tights in moisture-transporting stretch fabric. Perfect for dayhikes and outdoor lif...


Abisko Midsummer Skort W

Lightweight and airy skort for day hikes and summer trekking. Produced without PFCs, made ...


Abisko Lite Shorts M

Light, airy trekking shorts for summer mountain trekking and warmer climates. One leg pock...


Abisko Lite Wool Beanie

Light and comfortable beanie in a soft merino/polyester blend. Produced without PFCs, made...


Abisko Midsummer Belt

Light, comfortable trekking belt in stretch webbing. Produced without PFCs, made for a lif...


Reversible Bucket Hat

Light, reversible bucket hat for sunny days on the trail. Produced without PFCs, made for ...


Abisko Visor Cap

Lightweight and protective sun visor for trekking and active summer life. Produced without...