Barents Pro Hunting Trousers M

Durable, weather-resistant trousers in G-1000 Silent Eco for hunting and forest life.


Brenner Pro Winter Trousers M

Warm, water-resistant hunting trousers made from G-1000 Silent Eco with Hydratic. Pre-shap...


Barents Pro Hydratic Trs M

Durable, waterproof trousers for outdoor life and hunting in cold conditions.


Sörmland Tapered Trousers M Long

Comfortable hunting trousers in hardwearing, quiet G-1000 Silent Eco with tapered legs. Kn...


Lappland Hybrid Trousers M

Lightweight, durable trousers for active hunting in stretch fabric and G-1000 Silent Eco. ...


Drev Trousers M

Comfortable trousers in durable G-1000 Silent Eco with stretch panels. Waterproof reinforc...


Värmland Wool Trousers M

Durable, weather-resistant hunting trousers in recycled wool and G-1000 Silent Eco.


Sörmland Tapered Winter Trousers M Long

Comfortable and warm hunting trousers in G-1000 Silent Eco with a brushed mesh lining. Reg...