Greenland Winter Jacket M

A 1970s classic that has warmed generations of nature lovers – now with an improved fit an...

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Greenland Winter Parka M

With a long, warm parka you are ready for the cold. The design is inspired by the classic ...

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Expedition Pack Down Hoodie M

Expedition Pack Down Hoodie is a lightweight, flexible hooded down jacket for winter activ...

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Expedition Pack Down Jacket M

Expedition Pack Down Jacket is a lightweight, packable down jacket for winter activities. ...

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Expedition Lätt Hoodie M

Expedition Lätt Hoodie is a lightweight, pliant reinforcement jacket perfect for a range o...

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Övik Wool Padded Jacket M

Padded jacket in quilted G-1000 Silent Eco insulated with renewable Swedish wool padding, ...

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Expedition Down Lite Jacket M

Light version of the classic Expedition Down Jacket from 1974, here with stitch-through co...

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Nuuk Parka M

Large, parka with synthetic lining that reaches down over the rear and thighs. The perfect...

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Skogsö Padded Jacket M

Hip-length, lightly padded winter jacket in G-1000 with fixed adjustable hood. A perfect o...

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Keb Wool Padded Jacket M

Lightweight, pliant reinforcement jacket padded, insulated with renewable Swedish wool pad...

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Down Jacket No. 16 M

Reversible down jacket made from G-1000 Eco in recycled polyester and organic cotton, with...

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Singi Wool Padded Parka M

Nature knows best and natural fibres are the major provider of warmth in Singi Wool Padded...

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Greenland No. 1 Down Jacket M

Fjällräven’s most classic jacket – here in an autumn/winter version with high-quality, eth...

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Greenland No. 1 Down Parka M

Greenland No. 1 Down Parka has all the classic details – plus a slightly longer cut. Based...

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Värmland Wool Jacket M

Värmland Wool Jacket is a warm, protective and quiet hunting jacket made in a fantastic fa...

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Bergtagen Lite Insulation Jacket M

Light and packable reinforcement jacket for days when your activity level isn’t enough to ...

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Bergtagen Insulation Jacket M

Well-insulated jacket that can handle tough treatment in the mountains. Padded with high-p...

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Greenland Re-Wool Jacket M

Wool has a long tradition of use in the outdoors, so why not use it for Fjällräven’s most ...

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