Saying no since 1960

We say no a lot. To trends and shortcuts. To business experts and marketing know-it-alls. They told us our outdoor company wouldn’t make it if we didn’t adapt more, but here we are. Still making functional, durable, timeless outdoor equipment that you’ll want to use for decades.


with timeless, durable, functional design

The outdoors offers an immense range of activities and experiences that can all be appreciated more with the right clothing and equipment. Here at Fjällräven we believe in timeless, durable and functional design, creating products that work perfectly, last for decades and stay unaffected by passing trends. As a result, many of our present-day products look almost the same as their original design dating as far back as 1968.

Expedition Down Jacket

In 1974 our founder Åke Nordin decided to never be cold again and created the Fjällräven Expedition Down Jacket. The timeless design and functional construction worked so well, that today’s Expedition Down Jackets look almost exactly the same. Read the Expedition Down story


In 1978 Åke Nordin developed Kånken for Swedish school children. The rectangular backpack was made to be durable, functional and practical. Today’s Kånken is no different, other than it is now worn by people of all ages and all walks of life. Read the Kånken story

Greenland Jacket

Fjällräven’s first jacket was developed in cooperation with members of the Greenland expedition in 1968. A functional design using a durable fabric named G-1000. It is still our go-to fabric today and the Greenland Jacket remains one of our top selling products. Read the Greenland story

Still top sellers today
What does it mean to be a sustainable outdoor company?

An important aspect of sustainability is creating clothing and equipment that last for decades of outdoor use. Another is producing those products with as little impact on the environment as possible.

No to harmful chemicals

The Fjällräven Chemical Guidelines help us navigate the complicated world of hazardous and banned chemicals, which we are constantly updating and revising based on new information. One group of harmful chemicals that is getting a lot of attention are PFCs (per- and polyfluorinated chemicals, also called PFAS). Legislation will begin banning them from the EU and US starting in 2025, but we started banning them in 2009. Find out how far we've come today.

No to animal mistreatment

“We can’t talk about the sustainability of our garments without knowing about the animal welfare, the land use practices, and economic viability of the farms we source from” says Sustainable Materials Manager Johanna Mollberg. Find out how we ensure full traceability together with our main wool partner, the New Zealand Merino Company.

No to resource-intense materials

Before we make a decision on a material for our products we evaluate its efficiency, functional qualities, chemical composition, and the amount we’ll need. We also constantly strive to improve the materials we're already using. For example, our durable, long-lasting G-1000 fabric is now being produced with considerably lower environmental impact than before. Here's how we did it.

No to short-term trends

Creating products that last for decades is one thing. Designing those products in a way that stays relevant, regardless of passing trends and fashion styles, is another. All our products are designed to last through decades of use, to be passed on to the next generation, or sold on the second hand market where they can begin new adventures with new users. That way, fewer products will be produced, less energy will be consumed and less products will end up as waste.

we are fjällräven

Proudly developing clothing and equipment made for a lifetime of use..

walk with us

Heard about Fjällräven Classic? It is our yearly multi-day trekking event hosted in 5 countries (so far) where anyone, reardless of previous experience, is welcome to join in. To learn, to experience and - we hope – to pass the knowledge on to family and friends.

Experience, learn, grow.

Trek the Fjällräven way, on nature’s terms – carrying your own equipment, setting up your own tent, cooking your own food and walking at your own pace, together with others just like you.

Three friends, first trek.

Watch Zebastian, Evelina and Johan as they embark on their first multi-day trek with Fjällräven Classic, on one of the world's most famous hiking trails: Kungsleden, Sweden.


find your nearest classic

Giving more people the opportunity to discover multi-day trekking means organizing Fjällräven Classics in more locations. Today, there are five Fjällräven Classics around the globe. Maybe there's one close to where you live?