Exceptional warmth to weight ratio Exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio
 Ethically produced
 Fully traceable

When it comes to functional materials, nature usually knows best. And down is no exception. It keeps birds warm in all kinds of cold, from the extreme to the mild. And it does so without adding bulk or weight.

Our down journey started in 1974 when Fjällräven founder, Åke Nordin, promised to make a jacket that provided welcoming warmth through the coldest of Swedish winters. The jacket was the Expedition Down Jacket and it was filled with 600 CUIN of quality down.

How does down work?

When you look at a down feather under a microscope it looks like a tree. The stem, the part that attaches to the bird’s skin, is the trunk. Lots of small fibres branch out from the stem into ever-smaller fibrils. This loose structure traps air in the spaces between the fibres and it’s this air that insulates against heat loss.

The mix of regular feathers to down and the fill-power (CUIN) affect the ability to trap air and in turn the warming power of the jacket. As a rule, the more down to feathers and the higher the CUIN number, the warmer the jacket.
Want to know the difference between 600 and 800 CUIN, or between box and offset construction? Then have a read of this blog post on the Foxtrail.

Care & Repair


To get the most from your down products, you need to give them plenty of care. Find out more in our care guide.

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Our Down Promise

Fully traceable down has been a reality at Fjällräven since 2014. The birds’ wellbeing is our top priority, followed closely by the high quality of the down. Today we have one of the outdoor industry’s most transparent down product chains, and our Down Promise is currently regarded as the best in the industry.
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Experience The Iconic Expedition Down Series

Fjällräven has been using high-quality down since the launch of the Iconic Expedition Down Jacket in 1974. Now our down, a Fjällräven staple, is 100% traceable and produced with the greatest possible care given to the wellbeing of the birds.