Singi Balaclava Cap

Smart and convenient cap with balaclava. Rib-knitted in robust wool/polyamide blend that t...


Abisko Wool Tank Top W

Light and comfortable tank top for trekking and all kinds of outdoor activities. A great f...


Abisko Padded Vest W

Lightweight, packable vest that gives great extra warmth on chilly summer evenings or when...


Keb Touring Jacket M

Winter’s best days are spent in unmarked terrain and Keb Touring Jacket gives you unlimite...


Nikka Trousers W Reg

Technical trekking trousers with attractive fit, made with stretch and G-1000 for high mob...


Abisko Midsummer Belt

Light trekking belt in stretch webbing made with recycled polyester. A supple and comforta...


Abisko Trekking Tights M

Technical and durable trekking tights in a highly functional stretch fabric. They combine ...


Abisko Hike Shirt LS M

Lightweight, comfortable long-sleeved shirt for trekking and outdoor life in the summer. M...


Abisko Padded Vest M

Lightweight, packable vest that gives great extra warmth on chilly summer evenings or when...


Barents Pro Shorts M

Robust trekking shorts in wind and water resistant G-1000 Original, with double layers of ...


Vidda Pro Jacket M

Vidda Pro Jacket has been designed in the same spirit as Vidda/Barents Pro trousers, and w...


Abisko Lite Trekking Trousers M Long

Lightweight, cool outdoor trousers for trekking in warm conditions. Made from durable four...


Singi Trekking Shirt LS M

Hardwearing shirt with regular fit for trekking and multifaceted outdoor life. Made from u...


Keb Shorts M

Technical trekking shorts in stretch fabric and G-1000 Eco with recycled polyester and org...


Abisko Lite Trekking Jacket W

Light, comfortable jacket for summer hiking in warm conditions. Made from G-1000 Lite Eco ...


Abisko Wool Headband

Comfortable headband in a soft merino/polyester blend. Made using production spill from Ab...


Kaipak Trousers Curved W

Kaipak Trousers are designed to work just as well on the trail as for everyday use. This m...


Abisko Sun Hat

Wide-brimmed sun hat in light and well-ventilated stretch fabric. Perfect for hiking in wa...